The Lexus ES Journey

ES 300h

In 1989 the Lexus brand debuted on the market with its much anticipated luxury sedan, the LS400. The LS epitomised the Lexus philosophy of impeccable luxury, performance, and craftsmanship, and remains the Lexus flagship to this day. Importantly, the LS would be the inspiration behind Lexus’ second model, the ES250. The ES was the LS’ more compact yet equally prestigious sibling.

The ES was designed as an executive style, mid-sized sedan. Replete with Lexus signature luxury, the ES had the important distinction of being accessible to a much broader market. In 1998 the ES would become the best-selling Lexus, confirming Lexus’ market vision.

Three decades have now passed since Lexus revealed its first two vehicle models. While the LS has remained the embodiment of Lexus core values, it is through the evolution of the ES that we can see the most revealing illustration of the Lexus journey of continual innovation, luxury, and driver focussed technologies.

The ES reveals how Lexus married the opposing forces of aspirational luxury and accessibility, bringing bespoke vehicle luxury and performance to a much wider representation of discerning motorists.

Building the ES on Proven Technologies

ES - First Generation

The Lexus ES250 was gifted the proven reliability and impeccable performance from the successful Camry chassis and drivetrain. This allowed Lexus a proven platform on which Lexus could shape their luxury without compromise.

While Camry DNA was apparent in the new ES, Lexus designers, craftsman, and artisans made it the epitome of all Lexus stood for. This integration proved so successful that it remained in place for 6 generations, until the 2019 7th generation ES found new levels of expression. The path to 7 generations of the Lexus ES has been a journey of over 30 years

The ES Journey at a Glance

Following 2 years of Generation 1’s establishment, Generation 2 ES300 was released in 1992. Now powered by a 3 litre V6, the ES was bigger with more refined comforts and softened exterior lines with an integrated rear spoiler. The suspension system was upgraded, noise dampening was added and safety features such as ABS brakes were standard. By the end of Generation 2 we were seeing the ES forge its own identity based on refinement.

ES 300 - Third Generation

The Third Generation covers 1996 to 2001. The V6 engine received a boost in horsepower and a more raked exterior introducing a little sport to the model. However, the ES spirit would remain that of a refined, luxury drive, while its soon to be released IS would take the sports mantle.

Generation 4 commenced in 2001. With the arrival of the IS, the ES was able to focus on luxury and refinement. Driver-focussed luxury features increased with addition of footwell lighting, rain-sensing wipers, DVD navigation, and the inclusion of Mark Levinson sound systems.

By now, the ES’s unique and refined identity was becoming more outwardly apparent. However, spirited performance was not to be the sole domain of the IS, with the new ES330 now fitted with a more powerful and sport-themed 3.3 litre V6 engine. The ES330 would be available alongside the 3 litre ES300. By 2005 driver-centred tech was increasing in the form of steering wheel-mounted controls, power-adjustable pedals, and heated and ventilated front seats.

ES 350 - Fifth Generation

In 2006 Generation 4 made way for Generation 5. The ES350 graced the streets with a more powerful 3.5 litre V6 with a 6 speed auto gear box. The ES was now a much faster vehicle. There was also a 2.4 litre 4 cylinder available for customers that prefer economy over power.

Driver focussed innovations remained, with safety-driven tech such as radar-based adaptive cruise control. On the outside, things were notably different as the ES body design was constructed on Lexus’ L-finesse design philosophy. The L-finesse philosophy was described as ‘leading-edge design and technology applied with finesse’.

The 6th Generation was released in 2012. Lexus customers had the option of hybrid power with the ES300h. Generation 6 would last for 6 years by which time the ES was offered in 4 core variants, the 2.0 Litre, 4 cylinder ES200, the 2.5 Litre 4 cylinder ES250, the 2.5 litre hybrid ES300h, and the popular ES350 6 cylinder 3.5 litre.

While luxury upgrades continued to evolve, it was safety tech that featured with the inclusions of Blind Spot Monitor with Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA), Lane Departure Alert (LDA), and Pre-Collision System (PCS) as well as reverse cameras and 10 airbags. The aim of these features is not only to make driving far safer, but also make driving easier and more enjoyable.

Lexus ES 350 - Sixth Generation

In terms of style, it’s Generation 6 that ushered in the iconic grill design that delivers so much presence and makes Lexus stand out in a crowd.

We’re now in Generation 7, with 2018 revealing the F Sport variant. Now all ES models are equipped with Lexus Safety System +2.0. It nearly goes without saying that luxury appointments continue to set industry benchmarks. 2021 ushers in the new look ES, and it is also the first year to offer the AWD (all-wheel drive) variant.

It has become apparent over the last 30 years that a well maintained ES endures. Experts often rate the ES 350 in particular, as one of the best vehicles on the road because of its reliability over time.

They maintain their value as they continue to perform at peak as the Odometer passes a half million kilometres and beyond. Indeed, owners of all models of ES will retain it for extended years and kilometres because maintenance is cost effective. It is well known that ES spare parts remain highly affordable, a trend you will rarely see in the luxury vehicle market.

ES 300h Luxury

For Lexus customers, maintenance is an important consideration when buying a luxury vehicle, particularly as vehicle technology moves rapidly into a high tech future. Indeed, with the ES300h, the future is here now.

The ES300h is available now at Lexus of Parramatta from $70,453 drive away. Build and price theLexus ES 300h or contact our sales team for a virtual demonstration. It’s time to experience amazing.


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