How Does Lexus Hybrid Work?

The Lexus Hybrid Range

The Lexus Hybrid Drive combines the best aspects of electric and internal combustion engines for an ever thrilling drive in an increasingly carbon-conscious world.

A Lexus Hybrid Drive vehicle has two motors. One is electric, the other is petrol driven. The engines operate via a sophisticated engine management system, knowing when to emote power, when to select economy, and how to achieve the perfect balance between the two.

Lexus Hybrid symbolises the Lexus mission and values required to continually reimagine automotive luxury, enriching vehicle owners with cutting-edge design and technology.

But what is hybrid technology? How does it work? And what are the benefits of owning a Lexus Hybrid Drive vehicle?

The Function and Benefits of a Lexus Hybrid

The key motivation behind the Lexus Hybrid Drive is to gain significant fuel economy and emission reduction while maintaining the power and range of a petrol-driven vehicle.

Lexus Hybrid Start Badge

This is How We Do It

Unlike a standard petrol or an all-electric vehicle, a hybrid Lexus has two power sources and two fuel sources. A Lexus hybrid has both a combustion engine, which is fuelled by petrol, and an electric motor, which is fuelled by high-tech batteries, that don’t require a plug-in.

While the petrol engine runs, it powers a generator which in turn charges the batteries. Further battery charging occurs as you brake and when you are coasting without the accelerator depressed. You needn’t worry about cutting a country trip short to find an electric vehicle charging bay, as your Lexus Hybrid charges itself while you drive.

The high-tech batteries are designed to last the life of the vehicle, ensuring a highly economical drive, and low maintenance, with significant reductions in carbon emissions. Indeed, frequent trips to the service station will become a thing of the past as an electric supported drive results in significant reductions in petrol usage. Simply fill your Lexus at a service station as you always have, but at lower frequencies. In fact, there’s no driver adjustment required when you choose the Lexus Hybrid difference.

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The engine management system assesses conditions and driving requirements switching seamlessly and silently between two engines, leaving the driver with nothing to do but enjoy the unique Lexus ride. Urban drives may well be an emission-free all-electric experience. However, when you need the extra power for that steep hill, the petrol engine is engaged in a fraction of a second.

Performance is superlative. With the thrill of two engines working in harmony, every drive is a memorable experience. The Lexus Hybrid delivers a stronger throttle response whether the power is coming from both or either engines.

Combining petrol and electric also delivers quieter, smoother vehicle operation. As a result, both the driver and passengers will enjoy higher levels of driving comfort.

Watch this Lexus video for a more technical in-depth explanation of the Lexus Hybrid Drive.

Which Lexus Models have the Hybrid Option?

Lexus Sedan Range

CT – Hatch - CT 200h

The CT is all about classy urban convenience for get-about-town adventures.

IS - Sports Sedan - IS 300h

The IS delivers a driver’s sports experience – take it for a spin by yourself, or share the adventure with four of your friends seated in bespoke luxury.

ES – Sedan - ES 300h

The ES offers economical luxury family motoring with exciting acceleration and superlative handling.

LS - Flagship Luxury Sedan - LS 500h

Iconic luxury motoring meets the technology of the future. A peerless vehicle, the LS is the embodiment of Lexus values, engineering, design, and craftsmanship.

LC - Flagship Luxury Coupe - LC 500h

Designed for the most discerning driver. A marriage of aspirational luxury and the race track. There’s nothing like it. Created to be driven.

The Hybrid SUV Range

Lexus SUV Range

Lexus UX - UX 250h 2WD. UX 250h AWD

Choose 2 wheel drive for economy or AWD for traction. Either way, this luxury urban crossover delivers functionality and technology with spirit and agility.

Lexus NX - NX 300h 2WD. NX 300h AWD

Drive the NX in class and comfort creating your own urban legend as you turn heads navigating the cityscape. Big enough for all of you, compact enough for city convenience.

Lexus RX - RX 450h. RX 450hL

With 5 seats or 7, embrace the space and luxury while driving the family off to anywhere. 230kW of effortless hybrid power is as efficient as it is exciting.

Lexus of Parramatta and the Hybrid Drive

Lexus of Parramatta invites you to experience the benefits of Lexus Hybrid. Want to know why two motors are better than one? Test drive a Lexus Hybrid at Lexus of Parramatta. It’s an experience you’ll want to drive home with you.


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