The Lexus SUV Range

One of the most compelling features of the Lexus SUV range is that there’s a luxury model to suit you and your lifestyle. From the nimble UX to the flagship LX, there’s a throughline of exquisite design, thrilling performance, and versatility. And it’s crafted to more than you’d imagined in an SUV. Your Lexus SUV is equally at home on the rugged road less travelled as it is gracing the streets of a busy cityscape.

With class, elegance, and superlative comfort, it’s the perfect daily drive. But it’s also your access to adventure – the drive to experience amazing.

Are you driving solo? Is it just the two of you? Or perhaps there are 7 in the family primed for a winter road trip.

Let’s take a closer look at the Lexus luxury SUV range and assess how a Lexus SUV lifestyle fits your own.

Lexus LX - The Ultimate Luxurious SUV

Lexus LX

Stepping into an LX for the first time is breathtaking. Immersed in the Tazuna cockpit, you know you’re in a special place as you ignite the sophisticated V6 with the fingerprint verification push-start button.

Based on the Lexus human-centered philosophy, all of your senses are engaged. Art meets technology, refinement tempers the practical, and a 6-star resort can’t match the luxurious comfort.

The LX is the biggest SUV in the range, and it’s designed to go everywhere. With a commanding yet elegant street presence, the LX comes into its own crossing creeks and navigating remote tracks across Australia’s most rugged and testing terrain towing 3500kg.

Choose between the 3.3-litre V6 twin-turbo diesel (LX500d) or the 3.5-litre V6 twin-turbo petrol engine (LX600). The 10-speed automatic gearbox delivers the smoothest drive, on road or off. And with the LX multi-terrain system, you can adjust your vehicle’s setup to whatever conditions you face, with the simple push of a button – your LX knows what to do.

The LX is the ultimate Luxury SUV built for 1 or as many as 7. Starting at $163,098*, for an LX600, the Lexus luxury adventure is yours.

Lexus UX - The Most Compact SUV


It’s the attention to detail and exquisite hand-crafted ornamentation that makes the Lexus UX unique. Luxurious cabin highlights pay homage to ancient Japanese traditions, emoting a feeling that is relaxed, genteel, and unhurried. Seamless cabin ergonomics place everything at your fingertips – a palm rest integrates frequently accessed controls – the 10.3-inch digital screen delivers convenient access to your digital preferences.

Yet pedigree and refinement make room for equal parts play, as a dynamic powertrain delivers thrilling and spirited performance. Built on a rigid platform with a low centre of gravity, the UX corners as if on rails, providing stability more common in sports cars, and access more akin to a hatchback.

The UX is a powerful and stylish city cruiser. Its nimble handling delivers an effortless drive as you navigate the tight urban squeeze. Safety is paramount, with Line Trace Assist, Road Sign Assist, and Pre-Collision Safety protecting you and your passengers as you break the city limits on adventures to somewhere.

The 5-seat luxury UX SUV is the first choice for compact fuel-efficient motoring. Select from the UX 250h (hybrid) AWD from $71,595 drive away*. The UX 200 2.0 litre petrol from $51,480* or select the UX 250h (hybrid) 2WD and enjoy 4.5 L/100km at a drive-away price starting at $59,440*.

For Lexus motorists ready to drive into an all-electric future, the UX All-electric Compact SUV starts at $82,515*. As the price of fuel continues to rise and we continue to acknowledge our carbon responsibility, we come to understand that the outlay for hybrid and electric is a very worthy investment.

Lexus NX - Crafted for Every Lifestyle

Lexus NX

The luxury NX is perfect for one, ideal for a couple, and a must-have for the busy family of five. Your first adventure will be selecting a model that compliments your lifestyle. Available in petrol, Hybrid, or Plug-In Hybrid Electric, Lexus delivers on the luxury of choice.

Whichever NX you select, the Tazuna Concept cockpit is the first indication that it’s a driver’s vehicle. With intuitive ergonomics and instrumentation strategically placed for an effortless drive, the connection between driver and vehicle is seamless.

Personalised comfort for all occupants is the realisation of the Japanese tradition of omotenashi. There’s an atmosphere of hospitality as Lexus Climate Concierge directs airflow to occupied seats. NX customers receive a complimentary 3-year subscription to the Lexus Connected App and Lexus Connected Services, where you can set the ambient temperature of the NX cabin from your smartphone before you enter the vehicle.

While smooth as silk, it’s a visceral drive. The perfect blend of sublime comfort and exhilaration comes via a fine-tuned front and rear suspension. Drive Mode Select allows you to configure the ride for whatever conditions you face with the touch of a button – select economy for an urban commute or sport for the open road or enhanced acceleration or overtaking and as you escape down the freeway, you know you’re family is safe with an enhanced and expanded Lexus Safety System.

You can drive away in the petrol NX 250 from $68,655*. The NX 350 AWD delivers outstanding handling starting at $86,611* drive away. NX hybrids start with the NX 350h 2WD at $73,695*. For the benefits of AWD, select the NX 350h AWD starting at $78,735 drive away*. The NX 450h+ is the first Lexus plug-in hybrid. It delivers an astonishing fuel economy of 1.3 L/100km. Even with fewer emissions at the tail pipe, you still get the thrill of a powerful 227kW engine - and it is yours starting from $98,403 drive away*.

Lexus RX - Australia’s Most Popular Lexus SUV

Lexus RX

The Lexus RX is the nexus of luxury and versatility, offering the convenience of space that is adaptable to suit all lifestyles. Personalised comfort begins with leather accented heated and ventilated front seats. With your preferred driving position recorded in the vehicle’s memory, you can adjust it to your preferred position with the touch of a button.

Driving ergonomics are enhanced by touch control operations. Perfectly placed so the driver can maintain focus on the road,  the touchpad and screen provide access to critical vehicle systems. From the smartphone holder designed to hold any phone, to the touch-sensitive interior lights, it is the RX's attention to detail that makes you feel your RX knows what you need.

With the 7-seat variant, the whole family enjoys a daily commute in human-centered luxury. With 5 seats, you have the same luxurious comfort with ample cargo room for all the gear you need on a weekend camping adventure. With a 1500kg towing capacity, you can hook up the jet skis or the camper trailer.

Whether you select the turbocharged RX 300, the 3.5L V6 RX 350, or the sophisticated RX 450h (hybrid), you can expect pulse-racing performance in eco, normal, or sports driving modes. High-frequency vibration from roads is reduced with the inbuilt Friction Control Device, ensuring comfort remains whatever the road conditions.

The RX450h offers a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), so smooth you feel only acceleration and not the gear changes. The RX 300's 2.0L petrol turbo engine is low emission, with fuel efficiency enhanced by the Lexus Stop / Start System. The RX350 adds variable timing to the traditions of a fuel-injected V6, now even faster and more responsive in the all-new RX350.

Call the team at Lexus of Parramatta on 1300 584 013 to inquire about the price of the all-new RX – you can register your interest here. Whichever Lexus SUV fits your lifestyle, you can test drive it today and experience amazing. Why not call on us at our new Lexus display at Castle Towers Shopping Centre at Castle Hill and craft your next Lexus while you shop.


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