Finance Your New Lexus with Lexus Ownership Solutions

Lexus Ownership Solutions

Lexus Ownership Solutions is an innovative vehicle finance program that offers, choice, flexibility, convenience, and the reassurance of knowing what lies ahead.

Available to businesses and individuals, Lexus Ownership Solutions lets you take control by giving you freedom to determine the length of the loan, the kilometres you plan on travelling with the option to replace, retain or return your Lexus at the end of the term. All while wrapping it up with a guaranteed future value* for that extra peace of mind at the end of the loan term.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Know your vehicle finance and repayment costs upfront.

Knowing all the costs for the term of the loan allows for easy budget integration and planning.

Guaranteed Value - Lexus Ownership Solutions

  • Know the Guaranteed Future Value of your vehicle at the end of the loan.

The Guaranteed Future Value is the minimum value of your new Lexus at the end of your vehicle loan contract, as determined by Lexus Financial Services:

  1. Lexus Financial Services will calculate the Guaranteed Future Value of your new Lexus.
  2. Lexus Financial Services will then calculate your monthly repayments, with a final payment equal to your Guaranteed Future Value.

Visit our finance calculator for an indication of approximate finance costs on your desired Lexus. Experiment with deposit amounts, term, and annual kilometres to find a path that best suits you.

Knowing the associated loan fees ensures you can make an accurate cost projection. Visit our Lexus loan fees page to gauge all applicable fees and charges.

At The End of your Term

  • Replace or sell your Lexus - use the trade-in value or sale price to pay the remaining balance of your vehicle loan.
  • Retain your Lexus - simply pay the outstanding balance (including the final payment). We can help you refinance your vehicle loan if you don't have the balance on hand.
  • Return your Lexus – Lexus Finance will settle the loan based on the Guaranteed Future Value agreed to at the start of the (subject to Fair Wear and Tear conditions and agreed kilometres being met).

Lexus of Paramatta. Your Friend in Business

Lexus Financial Services offers a selection of business vehicle finance options. The innovation of Lexus Ownership Solutions may suit your needs perfectly. A Business Vehicle Loan delivers the value of fixed interest, with finance available for both Lexus and non-Lexus vehicles.

  • The option to replace, retain or return the vehicle at the end of the term. As you’re not locked into a specific ownership path from the outset, you have the flexibility to make ownership choices based on your circumstances at the completion of the term.
  • A choice of loan terms, ranging from 12, 24, 36 or 48 months. Term options allow you to take advantage of interest savings over shorter-term finance, or select up to 48 months for easier budget integration.  
  • Lexus Ownership Solutions - Deposit

  • Flexibility to nominate a deposit amount to reduce monthly payments. You can significantly reduce monthly payments by maximising the deposit or choose as little as no deposit at all, spreading all costs over the term of the finance.
  • Extra costs can be included in the amount financed, including on-roads, stamp duty, insurance, warranty, and roadside assistance. Including on-roads and taxes to the finance term ensures you can enjoy a handy reduction in upfront costs.

How does Lexus Ownership Solutions Work?

At the time of purchase:

Lexus Ownership Solutions - kms

Lexus Financial Services. Flexibility for Individuals

As well as Lexus Ownership Solutions, Lexus Financial Services offers a Consumer Fixed Rate Car Loan giving you the security of a fixed interest rate plus the freedom to choose the length of the term.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our guests are often surprised with the features of Lexus Ownership Solutions and our team are on hand to answer all your questions and guide you through the process.

Get in touch our trusted Business Managers, Stephanie & Joshua for a friendly chat on 1300 888 840 to assess your eligibility and learn more about a Lexus finance option that suits your needs. 

Follow this link for answers to frequently asked questions and more.


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