All-New Lexus NX

All-new and finely tuned to you, the next-generation Lexus NX reveals the future of personalised motoring. Reimagined from the ground up, the next-generation NX delivers thrilling performance, iconic styling, and a seamless second-nature driver interface.

Enhanced with exciting new features, the all-new NX includes advanced road handling and human-centered technologies such as voice activation and refined ergonomics, that deliver the most connected driver experience yet. While impressive on its own, the list of refinements touches every part of the vehicle.

Lexus superlative luxury informs new levels of comfort and cabin ambiance. 18 or 20-inch wheels serve to underscore daring new styling and street presence. Whether you select hybrid or the agile turbo petrol engine, expect performance that empowers you. To fuel the excitement even further, you can see the next-generation NX in your garage in just a few short months.

The all-new Lexus NX will arrive at Lexus of Parramatta in November 2021. True to its crossover roots, the NX suits the adventurous family seeking a stylish and spirited commute, as well as couples and individuals seeking new destinations and an exhilarating drive.

The next-generation NX reinterprets over 2 decades of Lexus SUV crossover innovation, and it is time to revisit the last 8 years of NX refinement evolution.

The Evolution of NX Refinement


The 1998 launch of the Lexus RX heralded the birth of the luxury crossover SUV. Led by the RX, the new market segment quickly captured the hearts and imaginations of motorists around the globe.

The Lexus NX mid-sized SUV followed in 2014 in response to motorists desiring more compact luxury SUV options. The inclusion of the hybrid engine option was a confirmation of Lexus's departure from diesel to more carbon-friendly power.

The original Lexus NX was a new and bold interpretation of the SUV. Brave styling, led by the iconic grille and shapely body lines, signaled that the NX would indeed be unique.

Focus on the driving experience was made more than apparent with the thrilling NX turbocharged petrol engine. Coupled with the all-wheel drive option, new levels of agility and handling confirmed the NX as a driver’s vehicle.

Already a powerhouse of innovation, it was the focus on Human Machine Interface (HMI) technology, that demonstrated Lexus’s dedication to the driver. The human focus continues into the next generation with the all-new NX taking a phenomenal leap forward. Lexus has reached into the future of SUV motoring and delivered the future today.

Reimagined Redefined The Next-Generation NX

The bold exterior of the new NX typifies the evolutionary journey of the NX. Subtle cosmetic enhancements signal the graduation from previous models. The fundamental design principal of proportions delivers styling that endures, while still making an emphatic contemporary statement.

The iconic grille design forecasts intent. While the side profile offers a contrasting yet equally determined visage with its shapely curves. That’s not all. New badging and LED styling are standout features, and perhaps the most immediately visible change from the previous NX model.


The 3-Tier NX Line-Up


All-New Lexus NX Grades


The line-up includes the NX350h (hybrid), NX350, and NX250. The NX350h and NX250 are available in 2-wheel and all-wheel drive configurations, whereas the NX350 is available in all-wheel drive only.


The NX350h is a combination of Lexus hybrid technology, and a 2.5 petrol engine, delivering outstanding performance with significantly reduced carbon emissions. 


The NX350 is built around the newly-developed 2.4-litre turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine. Designed for the thrill of the drive, expect exhilarating performance while complying with modern trends in exhaust management.  


The NX250 is lightweight and nimble, with its highly efficient 2.5-litre petrol engine delivering responsive acceleration and seamless gear transition via the Direct Shift eight-speed automatic gearbox.




The Lexus Driving Signature

All-New Lexus NX Interiors

The new state of the art Lexus vehicle testing facility has played a significant role in refining the Lexus Driving Signature for the All-New Lexus. The Lexus Driving Signature is a Lexus concept that imagines the vehicle as an extension of the driver’s intent.

Driving comfort is blended perfectly with sport-style handling. A lower centre of gravity, enhanced body rigidity, and the lightweight GA-K platform inform predictable, confidence-inspiring handling. Using technologies that simplify, the Lexus driving signature is about crafting a seamless partnership between the vehicle and driver. 


The Human-Centered Philosophy

All-New Lexus NX Features

A new level of interior control begins with voice recognition. With a “hey Lexus” you can talk to your NX and express control commands while your focus remains on the drive. 

The Tazuna interior is the cabin centrepiece of the next-generation NX. Wrapped in luxury appointments and highlights, intuitive and ergonomic controls enhance the communication and interface between driver and vehicle. It’s all about elevating the joy of controlling your NX.
A 14-inch touch screen graces the dash delivering seamless navigation of vehicle systems, entertainment, and connectivity, paired with an anti-reflective windscreen ensuring a perfect view of the screen from all angles. 

Recognising the increasing complexities of life, Lexus has focused on technologies that enhance convenience based on a human-centred approach to motoring. Simplicity rooted in technology makes your NX easy, originality rooted in proportions ensures your drive is unique. 

A diverse interior colour line-up is offered, including Black & Rich Cream, a contrasting colour scheme of black and rich cream with high-saturation orange accent stitching. Available with Sixty-four colours of interior illumination, choose from 14 preset colours or 50 other colours in the colour palette. 

Discover the Next-Generation NX at Lexus of Parramatta

At Lexus of Parramatta we’re gearing up to celebrate the arrival of the all-new Lexus NX, and invite you to share in the excitement with an online preview. You can also touch base with our team for enquiries.


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