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ChargingYour Lexus

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find your charge and go further

For a drive like no other, it only makes sense that the charging experience is just as effortless.

Lexus Encore Platinum1 members receive a host of ownership benefits which mean you can seamlessly charge your Lexus at home and on the road.

Map your route, find a charger near you and start your Lexus Electrified journey here.

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Charging your BEV or PHEV on the road

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Lexus BEV and PHEV models can be charged using AC public chargers.

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Using the DC fast or ultra-rapid charger, you’ll get back on the road faster. DC chargers deliver power at higher capacity and recharge your battery quicker.4

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Currently, Chargefox offers 1,400 charging plugs at 770 charging stations across Australia, with plans to triple this number in the years to come.

Charging NX in a field.

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charging your BEV or PHEV at home

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Enjoy professional installation of a home charger when you purchase a BEV or PHEV.3

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Rest while your BEV or PHEV recharges overnight. Using an AC home charger, the high-capacity battery in the UX 300e recharges in about 6.5 hours4 or 7.5 hours4 in the NX 450h+.

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Two complimentary AC charging cables are included with your BEV or PHEV, so you can be ready for any journey.

UX 300e sits plugged in, charging.



When you purchase a Lexus Electrified vehicle, you receive additional Encore Platinum benefits.1

Before the delivery of your UX 300e or NX 450h+, a home charger may be professionally installed at your home.3 Lexus also include two complimentary AC charging cables, and complimentary fast and ultra-rapid charging using the Chargefox network.2

This is in addition to a range of Encore Platinum benefits, such as Lexus on Demand and valet parking at selected locations.1

Get started by installing the Chargefox App on your Android or iOS device

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Your charging questions answered


There are various ways of charging your car to make charging convenient.

AC (Alternating Current) charging is available at your home and at some public charging locations. Using a Type 2 plug, the UX 300e takes about 6.5 hours4 to charge from empty using an AC home charger. The NX 450h+ recharges in about 7.5 hours.4

DC (Direct Current) or Fast Charging is available at public charging locations only. Using a CHAdeMO plug, the UX 300e takes about 80 minutes4 to charge from empty using a DC charger.

It is recommended to use AC charging options when they are available. Frequent use of DC fast charging can impact battery performance & durability.

Do I have to own my home to install a charger?

Not necessarily. However, you must obtain the homeowner or landlord's permission to have a charger installed.

What requirements do I need at my property for a home charger?

Upon purchasing your Lexus BEV or PHEV, your Dealer will help you set up a qualified electrician to come to your home and make a pre-installation assessment. They will be able to inform you where the best place for your charger is, as well as if there needs to be any electrical adjustments to accommodate your home charger.

What happens if I move house?

JET Charge, or your preferred electrician, may assist with relocating your existing wall charger. You may contact JET Charge on 1300 856 328.

Alternatively, to purchase a new Lexus charger, please contact your preferred Lexus Dealer.

who can i contact if i have problems with my home charger?

If you experience issues with your home charger, please contact JET Charge on 1300 856 328.

who can i contact if i have problems with a public charger?

Lexus has partnered with Chargefox, Australia's largest EV charging network. If you're using a Chargefox station and require assistance, please contact 1300 518 038. If you're using another brand of public charger, please check the charging station for contact information.

Start Your Electric Journey

UX 300e sits charging
Lexus Electrified

Pre-production model shown. Final range and specifications may differ from those depicted.

Charging NX PHEV in a field. People sit mulling around enjoying food and drink.

Overseas model shown. Australian specifications & features may differ.

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Overseas model shown. Australian specifications & features may differ.

1.Encore and Encore Platinum Benefits apply on selected new and demonstrator vehicles for a 3 year period from the date Encore is first activated by the Dealership. Inclusions may change without notice. Subject to availability. For full T&Cs, details and eligible models, see your Lexus Dealer or
2.Complimentary charging provided to Encore Platinum members for first 3 years of membership. Fees may apply thereafter. Charging stations provided by Chargefox at selected locations. Usage at vehicle owner’s risk. See for T&Cs. Frequent use of DC Fast Charging can impact battery performance & durability. Lexus recommends minimising DC Fast Charging usage. Refer to Owner’s manual and for guidance.
3.Complimentary ABB Single Phase 7kW AC wall charger supplied and installed by JET Charge Pty Ltd (JET Charge). Eligibility determined at Lexus and JET Charge's discretion. Vehicle owner must obtain appropriate site permissions and access prior to installation. Electricity consumption charges are owner's responsibility. Refer to operating instructions for usage guidance. Upgrades and equipment add-ons at additional cost. Rainchecks not available. Cannot be redeemed for monetary value. See for T&Cs and for details.
4.Actual charging duration varies depending on charging conditions and method used. Frequent use of DC Fast Charging can impact battery performance & durability. Lexus recommends minimising DC Fast Charging usage. Refer to Owner’s Manual and for guidance.
5.Final range and specifications may differ from those depicted.


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